Weiner ambushed by Sydney Leathers on primary day

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Mediocre porn star Sydney Leathers appeared outside the mayoral campaign headquarters of her former sexting partner Anthony Weiner Tuesday holding a sign with the slogan, “Don’t Vote Weiner. Download Weinerizer.”

Weiner reportedly changed his afternoon campaign schedule, bolting from his Manhattan headquarters to stump in Queens as Democratic primary voters made their way to the polls. But Weiner’s campaign denied that Leathers was responsible for the candidate’s quick flight.

“I’m running the show the way a cowboy rides a bucking bronco: I’m nominally on it,” Weiner told the Huffington Post.

“We have different canvassing teams. I’m not sure why they chose [Queens]. But I’m happy to be here,” Weiner said.


Leathers has come out in opposition to Weiner, despite previously promising to let the politician “come anywhere [he] wanted” and to hold her hair while she “gagged on [his] cock.”

The Daily Caller editorial board endorsed Weiner’s candidacy Tuesday.

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