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Weiner pulls one over on Lawrence O’Donnell

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The following interview doesn’t really hurt either participant: Of course the Daily Caller-endorsed Anthony Weiner is going to win today’s Democratic primary and go on to be elected mayor of New York City, and of course Lawrence O’Donnell will continue his astonishing ratings success.

But it sure is cringeworthy!

How far can you make it through this? I watched the whole thing, both parts, but I’m getting paid for it. There’s no shame if you need to tap out.

SPOILER: Weiner runs rings around O’Donnell. Not that it’s any sort of accomplishment…

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“Standard American photography that’s floating around the Internet.” Please, please tell me there are not Lawrence O’Donnell dick-pics out there. I can take only so much schadenfreude.

Okay, if I haven’t lost you yet, here’s the second part:

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Wow. A couple of obnoxious liars calling each other obnoxious liars for 15 minutes. Lean Forward!

Hat tip to Allahpundit, who points out that O’Donnell has accomplished the seemingly impossible: making Anthony Weiner almost likable. And he’s much better on TV than O’Donnell. “Chillax, buddy.” I mean, come on. Tell me that didn’t win you over? Not even a little bit?

Hey, CNN. You put Eliot Spitzer on the air. You’re putting Stephanie Cutter on the air. Why not give your old pal Anthony a chance? Imagine: Weiner Take All. Just think about it. What have you got to lose? Not ratings, that’s for sure.

Er, in the very, very unlikely event that Weiner doesn’t get elected, that is…

Special bonus to anyone still reading: From 2011, here’s O’Donnell’s guest-host Chris Hayes devoting 6 minutes of airtime to a vehement defense of Anthony Weiner.

“When I see clips like this, I want to give up!” Apparently he did. Does anybody know whatever happened to that kid?

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