Faces of meth: ‘Five years of Obama’ edition [SLIDESHOW

Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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Back in 2008 it was fun. Daring. Exciting. The rush was unbelievable. The visuals? Man, this dope is like the best parts of coke and acid. Plus all the cool kids were doing it, but, like, for real — not in a cliche way, ya know?

Young guys and pretty girls from Silicon Valley. All the actors and stuff. Hell, it even made old fogies like Kerry and Reid feel young. We all remember how hard it was to convince Hillary to give it a try, but after she’d had a hit, man, it was like she was flying. Just untouchable.

But things turned south quick. The high was fleeting. It just couldn’t take anyone to those soaring heights anymore. We were all left chasing the hit, never quite catching it.

And before long things were getting desperate. Bad things were happening. Bad men started getting violent in Mexico. Stevens got killed. People started talking about war.

Now everything is different. The smiles are gone. Let these pictures be a warning. Stay away from that dope.

We were liberals once. And young.