Leathers crashes Weiner’s election party

Whitney Waters Contributor
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Sydney Leathers, the woman infamously known as New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner, was spotted at his election party Tuesday night.

At a restaurant in midtown Manhattan restaurant Tuesday night, Leathers seemed determined to confront the man whose political comeback she says she ruined, ABC News reports.

The candidate, who finished last in the Democratic mayoral primary, had to enter the party via an adjacent fast-food restaurant half an hour later than expected.

“I hope your last move in politics was running from me through a McDonalds after I ruined your mayoral bid,” Leathers tweeted.

Leathers, known for leaking lewd messages from Weiner, continuously caused mayhem for the candidate through out his campaign, including holding a protest sign outside his campaign office Tuesday.

“I was shocked that he was so high in the polls before the scandal happened. It was shocking to me, knowing the type of person he is,” she told ABC. “He tried to lie about the second scandal and tried to act as if the first scandal was the only thing that ever happened, that he had done wrong and he was this changed man and that’s not the case and I am proof of that.”