‘Never forget’…OUR GREAT PRICES! AT&T uses 9/11 to sell you stuff

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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AT&T took this opportunity — “this opportunity” being 9/11 — to tweet out an incredibly distasteful photo of a person using their AT&T smartphone, natch, to take a photo of the World Trade Center memorial.

AT&T 9:11 tweetUPROXX first noted that AT&T tweeted — and then promptly deleted — the offensive tweet after a deluge of “f*ck you AT&T” comments. AT&T responded, “We apologize to anyone who felt our post was in poor taste. The image was solely meant to pay respect to those affected by the 9/11 tragedy.”

On Wednesday morning, a Twitter user uploaded this photo of the mini muffin selection at a Marriott, which was overing the breakfast treats “in remembrance of those we lost on 9/11” because nothing goes with grief quite like mini muffins, right?

Marriott 9:11 tweet

This comes the day after a golf course in Madison, Wisc. advertised 9/11 discounts for $9.11 or $19.11 — plus a free cart!

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