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Politico doesn’t want you to read it anyhow, dummies

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Who cares? Big deal, you don’t read Politico. So what? Politico don’t care. Politico don’t give a $#!+.

Josh Sternberg, Digiday:

On Monday, Politico owner Robert Allbritton bought Capital New York, a New York-focused digital-only publication. Jim VandeHei, a Politico founding editor and former reporter at the Washington Post, has been tasked to serve as the new president of Capital New York. Digiday spoke with VandeHei about how Politico plans to replicate its model in New York City, why the timing worked, what types of advertisers it will target, and more…

Capital New York is small in traffic. Is there a mandate to boost those numbers?
High traffic is way overrated. It works if you are truly a traffic hose, like BuzzFeed. But, for speciality sites, it is all about the right readers. The advertisers we want are the knowing ones seeking to influence a very attractive and hard-to-reach set of readers. If we deliver those readers, the traffic numbers will mean little.

High traffic isn’t overrated. It’s way overrated.

Got that? Politico doesn’t need your stupid eyeballs anyway, teabagger. If you’re so smart, why don’t you read Politico? Well, you don’t, so you’re not. Your loss.

Apropos of nothing, here’s a look at Quantcast as of this afternoon:


See? They meant to do that!

The difference is that we like you. We value your readership. Don’t listen to that silly man!

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