Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Breaking Bad’ parody is pretty great [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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There are just three more weeks of “Breaking Bad” left to go, and until then it’s going to be all “Breaking Bad” all the time and we are all okay with that.

Jimmy Fallon premiered an epic, 13-minute parody of the series in which he plays a bald, bespectacled Walter White who is trying to hustle funny jokes. It may sound silly, but it’s actually a pretty good sendup that contains references from all five seasons of the series, from Jesse’s favorite catchphrase — “BITCH” — to Tuco’s reaction to extremely good meth.

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Bob “Better Call Saul” Odenkirk all make cameos. (The guy who plays Gus is almost too good at playing the calculating meth king that it’s creepy.)

The parody contains spoilers if you aren’t caught up yet, which is your own damn fault.


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