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Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh (D) likes breasts. On Facebook. By accident.

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Movin’ to Montana soon, gonna be a Weineresque buffoon…


Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh (D) said it was an “unintentional accident” that he liked a post about breasts on Facebook.

In August, Walsh’s Facebook profile featured a “liked” post called “Breasts.Proof men can multitask2,” showing two pictures of women’s breasts…


“This was spam and an unintentional accident. Once the Lt. Gov. knew that it had happened it was immediately removed from the page,” a senior Montana Democrat close to Walsh told BuzzFeed. “It looks like D.C. Republicans are so fearful of John Walsh running for Senate that they’re attacking a war hero with spam. That’s the best they got?”

The righteous indignation is a nice touch. That one worked out really well for the next mayor of New York City Anthony Weiner.

And if you think “unintentional accident” is redundant, obviously you’ve never tried to take a 4-year-old to the grocery store. They don’t care. They don’t have to clean it up. And you’re the one who has to apologize to everybody in aisle 5.

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