The latest trend: ‘The treadmill desk’

Charlotte Errity Contributor
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Top companies are attempting to combine working with working out by bringing the gym to their offices.

The largest talent agency in the world, WHE, and about twenty of its employees, including head Ari Emanuel, have installed “treadmill desks,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I tear through my work because you get so singularly minded about what you are doing. You have to, or else you fall off!” WME agent Adriana Alberghetti told The Hollywood Reporter.

Alberghetti also added that she had convinced both Paramount president Adam Goodman and Sony production president Hannah Minghella to purchase them as well.

And WHE isn’t the only company to adopt the treadmill desk: Google, Dairy Queen and the White House complex’s New Executive Office Building are among the contraption’s latest supporters, BuzzFeed reports.

Peter Schenk, the president of LifeSpan Fitness, the company that makes the treadmill desks, said in an interview with BuzzFeed, “Our biggest growth I can say in the last six months has been more from Fortune 200 companies than it has been from smaller companies.”

The treadmill desks range in prices; a full desk and treadmill combination costs around $1,500, but some higher-end models can cost up to $5,000.

Charlotte Errity