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The Voice of Black America: Sarah Silverman

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You go ahead and tell those cracka-ass crackaz, Sarah.

Black NRA from Sarah Silverman

“Or, just stop shootin’ innocent people.” Oh, like that innocent person who was beating a guy’s head into the sidewalk? Hey, I get it. They’re mocking the #JusticeForTrayvon idiots!

Unfortunately, no, they’re not. And Colion Noir isn’t putting up with it:

Of course, Noir isn’t a real black person. Why, he’s not even a liberal!

One last note, Sarah. Actual gun-safety advocates — which is to say, NRA members — know that you never, ever do this, even if you know the gun is fake or unloaded or whatever. Even if it would be really fun to see what would happen next:


(Hat tip: Greg Gutfeld)

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