Watch a guy freak out his wife with his new gaming headset [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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YouTube user “Babson McChonkers” is one of the lucky people in the world to have a working Oculus Rift system.

Into one end he plugged his computer with a roller coaster simulation playing, and into the other he plugged his wife. And then he recorded her reaction and the hilarity that followed.

The virtual reality company Oculus Rift from Irvine, Calif. has been a hot topic among gamers with their headset, which it’s claimed will revolutionize 3-D gaming by giving gamers an even more immersive way to interact with their virtual world. Highly successful games like the Call of Duty and Halo series require a player to control what they seen on screen by using the controller to move their character. The claim by Oculus is that this will be replaced by the player simply having to turn their head.

Immersive game-play has long been the holy grail for gamers, driving them to ever more increasingly complex and expensive set ups of surround sound and multi-screen TVs. Developers say the projected price point for the Rift system will be $300.

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