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Stephen Colbert didn’t get a joke on Red Eye, but he was just kidding, probably

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Stephen Colbert makes a very good living by pretending to be a dumb right-winger — although I guess that’s redundant, ha ha! — so it’s obvious that the following is just more of his brilliant metacommentary on the limits of leftist levity.

Jeff Poor reports:

On Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” Wednesday night, host Stephen Colbert took a jab at Fox News Channel “Red Eye” personalities Greg Gutfeld and Andy Levy by mocking them for appearing to be upset that President Barack Obama had put his foot on his desk in the Oval Office…

The problem with that attack, however, is that Gutfeld and Levy were only feigning outrage, something that Colbert missed or pretended to miss. Levy addressed it on Thursday night/Friday morning’s broadcast of “Red Eye”.

Here’s Colbert pretending not to get the joke:

Wow. Was that the Andrea Shea King? The one who’s super-famous, and who everybody had heard of before Colbert ripped on her? Keep topplin’ those idols, Stevie!

Now, here’s Levy pretending to criticize Colbert for “not getting the joke”:


If a fake conservative feigns outrage to mock real conservatives* who are feigning outrage, it’s funny because it’s Stephen Colbert! Stephen Colbert is funny. See, when he says something, he means the exact opposite. Get it?

Laugh. I said laugh, damn you.

Or you can applaud, he likes that too. Prefers it, actually. That signals agreement, which is much more important than comedic value.

Some people say Colbert is in danger of driving his one-joke premise into the ground. That’s ridiculous. It’s been years since he’s seen daylight.

*Or libertarians, whatever, Levy…