12 ridiculous Twitter suggestions for the next Fed chair

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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With Larry Summers decision to withdrawal his name from consideration to be the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve, most Fed prognosticators — perhaps the world’s worst job — expect President Obama to nominate Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Janet Yellen for the post. But if Twitteratti have their way, the nominee will be someone entirely different.

In the minutes and hours after the Summers news broke, Americans took to Twitter to post their ridiculous suggestions for Fed chair.

Some tweeters suggested fictional — or at least semi-fictional — characters:



One tweeter suggested America’s most unbearable columnist:

There seemed to be a great demand for Ke$ha to be nominated, primarily because she has a dollars sign in her name:

Even Woody Allen’s son seconded the idea of Ke$sha being nominated:

For the next month, every major news announcement will be accompanied by at least one terribly unfunny Miley Cyrus joke:

In fairness to the Miley Cyrus jokester, at least he didn’t make an even staler Sydney Leathers joke:

The range of ridiculous suggestions for Fed chair really ran the gamut:


But there was at least one not-so-ridiculous suggestion:

Then again, I guess it would depend on the ideology of the obscure economist, right?

Though the preponderance of Twitter suggestions were quite obviously absurd, it is unclear whether President Obama’s actual nominee will be any less so.

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