Eyewitness account: Navy Yard shooting

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Questions surround Monday’s shooting at the Navy Yard. One shooter has been killed.

“I had just finished paying for my breakfast when I heard the first three shots, then I heard four more shots and then people just started running out of the cafeteria,” eyewitness Patricia Ward told The Daily Caller Monday. Ward was getting breakfast in the cafeteria of building 197 when the shots began.

When asked if she thought the shooter aimed at people in the cafeteria, Ward replied that she “wasn’t sure,” but that the shots occurred mainly on the 4th floor. The cafeteria is on a lower floor of building 197, but there is a large atrium on the 4th floor that allows people to “see all the way down” into the cafeteria.

“He could have been shooting at people in the cafeteria,” Ward added. “I don’t know. I ran.”

Ward, who has worked at Navy Yard since the 1990s, told TheDC that there are no metal detectors or X-ray machines at either the complex entrance or the entrance to building 197 — where the shooting took place.

“Go inside, scan your badge. It has to be someone who works inside the building,” Ward said, agreeing that it would be easy to bring a gun into the complex if you had an employee badge.

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