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#JusticeForTrayvon? DC woman claims Uber driver choked her for kissing her husband

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She’s black, he’s white. Sounds like somebody didn’t like that.

Courtesy of Twitchy:

Today a tweeter claimed to have been choked in Washington, D.C., by a driver for the car-for-hire service Uber. The woman tweeted Uber:

I’d hope so. If it’s true, that’s outrageous.

Let me guess: the driver is some sort of white supremacist. One of those teabaggers, right? One of those racist teabagging racists who’s bringing us back to the days of Emmett Till, right?


Well then. Never mind, everybody! Move it along. Nothing to see here.

I said: Nothing to see here, racists.

Update: Not news.

Update: Or is it?