Two Navy Yard shooters possibly still at large, police chief says

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier warned that there were two shooters potentially still on the loose after a shooting at Navy Yard that left multiple people wounded and dead.

Speaking to the press shortly after noon on Monday, Lanier said they had confirmed one shooter dead but two other men potentially involved in the shooting were still at large.

Both men were described as wearing “military style uniforms” but Lanier said there was no indication “that either of those folks are military personnel.”

The first suspect is a white male last seen around 8:35 or 8:40 am. He was wearing a “khaki tan military uniform, short sleeve, with a beret hat,” that “appeared to be like a naval uniform.” He had a hand gun.

The second potential shooter was a black male approximately 50 years old, who had a long gun. He was wearing an “olive drab military style uniform.”

Armed helicopter over Navy Yard. Grae Stafford @dailycaller

Lanier did not confirm the number of casualties. Police will brief again in the next two hours.

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