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At least cartoon hippies are excited about Obamacare

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The following is an actual advertisement. It isn’t parody or satire. It isn’t intended to mock stupid lefties who are in denial about just how bad things are about to get.

But when it comes to mindlessly utopian jingles for ruinous statist policies, at least this one is kinda catchy:

Yay. We all live in a liberal’s wet dream, liberal’s wet dream, liberal’s wet dream…

And what is Cover Oregon covering? Why, it’s covering everyone with rainbows and unicorn crap! Also:

Cover Oregon is making health coverage more accessible and easier to understand. We are a new online marketplace where Oregonians can compare and enroll in health and dental coverage that fits their needs and budget. More Oregonians can now get health coverage, even if they already have a health condition, and access financial help.

Our organization was created for Oregonians by Oregonians. On our Board of Directors, you’ll find local consumer advocates, business owners, and health professionals all unified by a common goal: improve the health of every Oregonian.


And how much did this ad cost? Not that much, in the scheme of things. Americans for Tax Reform:

Taxpayers are on the hook for $3.2 million for acid-trip TV ads promoting Obamacare in Oregon. Devoid of information about the state exchange, Oregon’s newest Obamacare ad features absolutely no information about the health care law and what enrolling in the state exchange means. Cover Oregon, the state Obamacare agency, began airing this ad last week thanks to a taxpayer funded $9.9 million contract awarded to a Portland public relations firm.

Isn’t that a small price to pay, taxpayers? Isn’t it worth having a happy little jingle to hum to yourself as Obama takes care of you for the rest of your life and eliminates all your problems and makes you “free to be healthy”? Aren’t you ecstatic that you can “fly with your own wings,” now that your body literally belongs to the government?

What’s that? You think this is a looming disaster? You don’t believe that Obama loves you?

Why would you say such a thing, racist? Why do you hate black people and want little kids and old ladies to die, while you stand there laughing and lighting your cigar with a $100 bill?

Why are you so angry and filled with bigoted rage? Shut up, you f***ing teabagger!

(Hat tip: MKH)

P.S. Lin Wicklund notes, “I love as birds lift a woman into the air, the song says, ‘We fly with our own wings.’ Yep. Don’t even realize it when they’re being subsidized by others.”

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