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How many Starbucks shootings have taken place in states that allow open carry?

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I’m asking because I honestly don’t know. Is it a lot? It’s probably a lot.

Charlotte Errity reports:

Starbucks is now asking customers to leave firearms behind when they are in its stores and outdoor seating areas.

The coffee giant previously maintained a policy to allow patrons to openly carry registered firearms within Starbucks stores, so long as “open carry” was permitted in the relevant state.

Howard Schultz, the company’s chief executive, called the policy change “a request and not an outright ban” in an open letter posted on Starbucks’ website late Tuesday night.

Well, it’s their business and they can set policy as they see fit. Note that it’s a very politely phrased request. Seems reasonable enough.

It does seem odd, though, that Starbucks wants to be seen as more vulnerable to attack by some crazy gunman. Where is a guy like that more likely go shoot up a bunch of people: a place where he knows somebody might shoot back, or a place where he’s pretty sure they can’t?

These lunatics tend to target “gun-free zones.” It’s just a fact. But this isn’t about facts, it’s about feelings.

Well, I don’t feel like drinking Starbucks. Never have, really. It’s a luxury item, and I’ve never been impressed. And this isn’t giving me any reason to change my mind.

They’ll be just fine without us, right? No worries, Starbucks.


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