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Gun-grabbing University of Kansas journalism prof wishes death on children of NRA members

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I haven’t seen the latest numbers, but when it comes to public approval, “mainstream journalist” tends to poll somewhere between “child molester” and “assistant child molester.” Things like the following might offer clues as to why.

Here’s what University of Kansas associate journalism professor David Guth tweeted on Monday:

Courtesy of Katherine Timpf at CampusReform.org, who got Guth to confirm — boast, actually — that he wasn’t hacked or pranked or whatever:

“Hell no, hell no, I do not regret that Tweet,” he said. “I don’t take it back one bit.”

Guth also doubled down on the statement when other Twitter users pressed him, suggesting it was was shameful to call for the death of children.

“God’s justice takes many forms,” he tweeted in response…

While Guth’s Twitter account is personal, his biography includes a link that directs to the school’s website.

“An Eastern Shoreman turned professor and historian,” reads his description. “A devoted husband, father and dog owner. Most important: an independent thinker.”

If you’re not an independent thinker, by which I mean you disagree with David Guth, then your children should die horribly. Seems rational enough. The future of journalism is in good hands.

Hey, remember when Kansas was the place that wasn’t completely crazy? Click your heels all you want, Dorothy…


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Jim Treacher