High school dudes don yoga pants to protest rumored yoga pants ban

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These kids today may be lazy and are probably up to no good, but don’t you dare try to take away their yoga pants.

This week, students at North Haven High School in suburban Connecticut organized by way of social media — of course — to protest a rumored ban on yoga pants and various other extremely tight, ass-flaunting apparel, reports NBC Connecticut.

A number of male and female students roamed the halls clad in yoga pants and leggings as a protest.

The rumors and the social media campaign were sparked last week when a school administrator allegedly indicated that the school would soon outlaw the sleek, stretchy garb that leaves little to the imagination.

There was also an old-fashioned paper petition signed by a bunch of students.

North Haven High’s principal, Russell J. Dallai, said he wasn’t sure how the rumor started and that no such ban is in the works but, hey, yoga pants!

Ban or not, people in the community have firmly taken sides on the issue.

“If we’ve worn them this long and there hasn’t been any issues, then I think we should be able to continue to wear them,” student Christina Sanzari told NBC Connecticut.

A parent, Kelly Ross, noted the financial investment students or their families have made in the form-fitting attire.

“They were spending a lot of their own money on their back-to-school clothes and they bought yoga pants, and if they can’t wear them, their wardrobe is limited,” Ross told the station.

A standard pair of Lululemon yoga pants retails between about $80 and $100.

Other local residents think yoga pants and leggings are unbecoming in a high school setting and would welcome the ban, however.

“I think they need to tone it down,” parent Valerie Olivieri told CBS New York.

A meeting was planned in the school library on Wednesday night to address the issue of “appropriate attire.”

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