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Twitter is a great place for Democrats to wish other people’s children a horrible death

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The other day it was that seething nutball at the University of Kansas. Now it’s one of his fellow travellers on the West Coast.

Earlier today, Ted Cruz’s senior communications advisor Amanda Carpenter tweeted the following:

After reading this, Allan Brauer, the Communications Chair of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, felt compelled to respond thusly:

Now that’s what I call effective communications.

Brauer followed up in similar fashion:

About a half-hour and an unknown number of Xanax later, Brauer had a change of heart. Sort of:


Of course, this “apology” is akin to fecal matter from a hooved animal of your choice:

“I’m sorry I descended to your level,” is what he’s saying. Which wouldn’t be an apology even if it were true, which it’s not. He’d have to stand on his tippy-toes and crane his neck to even catch the slightest glimpse of her level.

How about this, Dems: Why not give it a rest with telling people who disagree with you that their children should die? Just because you’re so eager to choose to kill your own — hello in there, Dr. Gosnell! — doesn’t mean the rest of us are so keen on it.

Thanks in advance, guys.

As usual, Burge sums it up:

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

Update: These things are rarely isolated incidents. Brauer definitely has a problem with women who dare to disagree with him. Like this outburst from August ’12.

The Democrat Party’s #WarOnWomen continues.

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