MSNBC.com revamp bills itself as ‘what progressives have been waiting for’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In a move that will surprise precisely no one, MSNBC.com’s webpage revamp tosses aside claims of objectivity and bills itself as “what progressives have been waiting for.”

Visitors to MSNBC.com on Saturday will see a new splash page at the opening of the website give them two choices: one “for breaking news and reporting from NBC News” and one — one the right side, ironically — for “a sneak peek at the new msnbc.com,” described as “what progressives have been waiting for.”


The latter strongly suggests MSNBC.com will be becoming a hub for progressive ideology and abandoning any semblance of objectivity. If visitors select the “sneak peek,” they are offered the opportunity to sign up their email address to be notified when the new site is launched where they’ll be able “explore” issues, watch video, “join in the conversation with the progressive community” and “speak out and make your voice heard.” (RELATED: MSNBC hits 7-year low, lags behind Fox, CNN)


Then visitors are directed to a page featuring MSNBC programming at the top with a number of articles that would be of interest to an obviously left-leaning visitor.


A year ago, NBC News promoted MSNBC regular Richard Wolffe to the Vice President & Executive Editor of MSNBC.com and announced the site would be re-launching sometime this year.

(h/t Jay Caruso, Pocket Full of Liberty)

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