Ted Cruz talks love of White Castle hamburgers during filibuster

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Stoners like Harold and Kumar aren’t the only ones dreaming about White Castle.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz expressed his love for those delicious, little hamburgers from the fast food joint during his “talking filibuster” on the Senate floor on Tuesday.

“I like their little burgers,” Cruz said after speaking on the floor for about 2 hours, protesting President Obama’s unpopular health care law.

But the conservative senator leading the charge to defund Obamacare as part of a package to continue funding the government invoked the fast food restaurant for reasons other than a bad case of the munchies.

Cruz was making a larger point about the harm the health-care care law has on businesses. He quoted the company’s Jamie Richardson, who recently explained that before the law was passed, White Castle was opening about eight new restaurants a year. Blaming the uncertainty caused by the law, Richardson said they are only opening two restaurants a year now.

“Mr. President, I want you to think about that for a second,” Cruz said. “Eight White Castle restaurants a year. I like their little burgers. That dropped to two. That means six a year for the last four years. That’s 24 White Castle restaurants.”

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