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Woman makes sandwiches for boyfriend; liberals make poopy in pants

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Earlier this year, an anonymous woman created a site called 300sandwiches.com, with the following mission statement:


My boyfriend E is obsessed with two things: Star Wars and sandwiches. During a Sunday lunchtime viewing of “Return of the Jedi” he told me: “you are 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” … And so, I got cooking …


I’m a Midwest girl living in New York, a writer and foodie who loves a good meal. I love chocolate, pork buns, and sushi more than I love a sale at Saks. I’m a woman who loves her man, but also never backs down from a challenge. If he wants three hundred sandwiches, then I’ll deliver.

The site is full of well-shot photographs of her creations, like this “Third Time’s the Charm” (roasted chicken, sweet potato mash and Swiss chard):


So, the nice lady likes making sandwiches for her boyfriend, inspired by a lighthearted joke he made, and she started a fun blog about it.


Noah Rothman, Mediaite:

[A] young woman has attracted attention from culinary world icons such as Emeril Lagasse, Michael White and Ken Friedman with 300sandwiches.com,” a New York Post story published on Tuesday began. The Post revealed that this mystery woman was, in fact, New York Post Page Six reporter Stephanie Smith. The Post story revealed that she not only enjoys making sandwiches for her boyfriend, he requests them frequently. Now, outrage is swelling over Smith’s boyfriend’s sandwich requests.

Here’s a quick sampling of reaction from various misandrists and their enablers:


Smith has been following the reaction, and she rebutted these humorless loons in the NY Post today:

I met a guy. I made a sandwich. I started a blog. And I enraged feminists everywhere.

On Wednesday, I wrote in The Post about how my boyfriend Eric’s joke remark after making him a snack — “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” — inspired me to do just that…

“Why would you ever do that when he is capable of doing for himself? What is this, the 1960s? So sexist,” one wrote on Twitter…

The blog started as a lighthearted joke between boyfriend and girlfriend. I presented it to the world because I thought at least one person would find the humor in the idea of sandwiches for an engagement ring.

This project is not about me promoting myself as some gourmet chef, nor a desperate plot to win Eric’s love — or a movie deal or Internet fame.

It’s an idea that made us laugh and made for a good, lighthearted blog with some drool- inducing sandwich photos.

How awful.

Let’s turn this around for a second: Why would a man ever do something for a woman when she’s capable of doing it for herself? Could it be that he loves her and wants to make her happy? Apparently men shouldn’t do that, because it’s sexist.

That’s not the way it works, though, is it?

Anyway. Truth be told, I’m ambivalent about the whole thing, because Smith doesn’t specify how quickly she gets the sandwiches to him. And what about the beer? I need more information.

Here’s a pic of the couple:

At Home with Stephanie Smith author of Blog 300 Sandwiches and

Doesn’t she look miserable? Doesn’t he look like the stereotypical Neanderthal male? And clearly he’s a racist, subjugating his slave like Calvin Candie.


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