MSNBC’s Alex Wagner to marry Obama’s White House kitchen guy

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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MSNBC host Alex Wagner is marrying a key Obama White House staffer.

So who’s the lucky policy wonk? Could it be aptly-named hunk Josh Earnest, the White House deputy press secretary? No, he was stolen off the market last year by a Treasury Department flack. How about brooding, serious deputy national security adviser for strategic communication Ben Rhodes? No, he’s taken by a Barbara Boxer adviser.

Give up? Wagner, 35, is engaged to 33-year old former White House chef Sam Kass, even though we only read in the Washington Post in August that they were even dating!


When not using his Andre Agassi brand head razors, Kass serves as executive director of the first lady’s Let’s Move! healthy eating campaign. Despite starting in the White House kitchen, Kass is now a senior White House policy advisor for nutrition policy.

Kass’ qualifications include previous work for two Chicago restaurants with one-word names: 312 and Avec.

Looks like Wagner will now be able to scoop Chuck Todd on those “White House Soup of the Day” stories, said a Daily Caller intern.

Well, isn’t this all just lovely.

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