Krauthammer predicts Obama will ‘give a lot away’ and Iran will go nuclear ‘in a very short order’ [VIDEO]

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President Barack Obama announced a breakthrough with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Friday afternoon — he had a phone conversation in which they discussed the possibility of a deal regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Later on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to the news with skepticism, noting the Iranian president had been inconsistent with his remarks.

“Look, Obama — and my question is, what are the prospects of a deal that will stop and reverse a nuclear program? I think they are very small. Right after that the president said… the basis of his optimism for a deal — he said the supreme leader had issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons and that Rouhani himself had said that Iran will never construct a nuclear weapon. But Rouhani says it’s never been working and isn’t working on it today.”

Based on what Krauthammer called a “double lie” from Rouhani, he was concerned the U.S. may give way to Iran and open the door for the rogue nation to go nuclear.

“So, he starts with a double lie and then we to believe that his next statement, ‘It will never construct one,’ is true,” Krauthammer continued. “I think this is a very shaky basis. [It] looks like we are the supplicant and we will give a lot of way, which I think will leave Iran in a position to go nuclear in a very short order.”

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