What’s going to happen during the final episode of ‘Breaking Bad’?

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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“Breaking Bad” ends Sunday night after six insane years of completely unpredictable, emotional drama. We have no idea how the series will possibly end because it is impossible to predict what will happen in the next scene, let alone the conclusion of Walt’s bloody foray into meth manufacturing. Here are four highly likely scenarios.

  • Walt comes back to Albuquerque. Every single DEA agent got amnesia and forgot about the whole Heisenberg thing, so he doesn’t have to worry about any legal ramifications. After seven months, Skyler decides that she can’t resist Walt’s tighty whities and decides to forgive him. Walt makes Walter Jr. some bacon so he decides to forgive him, too. Walt, Skyler, Walter Jr., Holly, Marie, Jesse and Huell (they forgave Walt, too!) all go out to eat at that Mexican restaurant in the mall and order table side guacamole. Cut to black. 
  • Everything happens the same in the first scenario, except for the instead of going to get Mexican food, Walt, Skyler, Walter Jr., Holly, Marie, Jesse and Huell go to the airport. Then they all — literally, not the way Saul means it — move to Belize and live happily ever after.
  • The writers decided that Walt’s story was just too heavy, so the series ends with Todd and Lydia moving to the Czech Republic together.
  • Walt comes to Jesse’s rescue at the Nazi compound. They confess their romantic love for one another, and after some very emotional lovemaking, Walt dies in Jesse’s arms from the cancer. Jesse notices something in Walt’s pocket; it’s the Ricin cigarette. Jesse swallows the poison and the screen fades to black. A slow cover of Prince’s “When Doves Cry” plays through the end credits.

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