Mathis considering run for Bachus’ House seat in Alabama

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Alabama surgeon Chad Mathis is seriously considering a run for Congress in Alabama’s 6th District, after Rep. Spencer Bachus announced his retirement Monday morning.

Mathis will make a decision in “the next week or so,” he told The Daily Caller.

“I’m excited about the possibility of representing our district,” Mathis said, saying they needed to send a representative willing to take on a the “out of control spending and debt,” as well as “Obamacare.”

As an orthopedic surgeon, Mathis sees himself as “uniquely qualified to help fight those things.” He sees patients every day, so he has an understanding of what they need in their health care, and he understands the health-care system.

“I’ve also read Obamacare,” Mathis said. “I’m sure no one else in the race has read Obamacare … And I’ve studied it.”

Mathis described Obamacare as “the battle of our generation,” and said he thinks he thinks the House’s actions over the past several days to defund or delay the law in the government funding bill are “appropriate,” though he does not want to the government to shut down.

“We have to stop Obamacare,” he said.

The race is expected to be crowded. But Mathis said he would stick out in a crowd.

“They need a Ted Cruz Republican like myself to be running in this race,” he said.

Mathis said he would be “focusing hard on this race and praying on that and talking to family make a decision” about whether or not to officially jump in the race, and announce that decision in the next week.

“The biggest thing is my family and making sure my wife and kids are on board. They are by far the most important thing to me,” he said. “If my family’s on board, I feel like we can really do this.”

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