Harry Reid makes excuse for Obamacare website glitches

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Senate majority leader Harry Reid says he knows why people across the country have been reporting tech problems all day Tuesday while trying to use the new Obamacare websites.

During a celebration of President Obama’s health care law with liberal activists inside the Capitol, the Nevada Democrat said all the reported glitches are signs that law is popular.

“The biggest challenge we have today around America is keeping our websites up because of the volume,” Reid said.

The Obamacare exchanges for Americans to buy health insurance opened Tuesday. But there have been widespread reports that people have been unable to access the sites and sign up for plans.

Citing Google, Reid said he isn’t worried.

“I had a meeting less than a year ago out in California — San Francisco — with one of the original founders of Google,” Reid said. “He told me when they first came online, they had problems because too many people wanted to use Google. Their computers kept crashing.”

Reid added: “Well, we had a few problems today. Why? Because in New York alone, in the first few hours, two and half million people wanted to sign up.”

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