Donald Trump slams John McCain, delcares Republicans must unite and ponders Hillary’s health

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Donald Trump slammed moderate Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, called for Republicans to unite in their budget battle, and said that Hillary Clinton is “a big health question” in 2016 in an interview with Larry King that will air on RT America Thursday night.

“The problems the Republicans have in terms of winning the battle in my opinion: They’re split,” Trump told King in the segment.

“If they were all unified, and if they would say, ‘We are going out and we’re staying out at a hundred percent,’ and you had that great, you know, unity, they could actually win. But if everybody was unified — like Senator McCain came out the other day and said we can’t win. We can’t win. That’s a terrible expression, but he said we can’t win,” Trump said.
“That’s a hell of a statement to make. It’s not exactly good for your side and it’s very good, it emboldens the other side. I say this: If the Republicans stuck together, which they’re absolutely not doing, they could actually win. But they can’t win with half of them saying we shouldn’t be doing this. In order to get victory, you have to be unified and they’re not unified,” Trump said.
Trump, who discussed his 2016 presidential aspirations in the interview, has a mixed view of Hillary Clinton’s chances.
“You have a big health question. Will she be healthy? I hope she’s healthy now. I think she is. But ya know that’s a long time. You have to wait until 2014 is over then you have to go out and really… You always have to think about health, and I think that subject to that or some crazy thing happening, and lots of crazier things can happen, she has the nomination practically wrapped up, would seem to me,” Trump said.
The full interview airs on “Politicking with Larry King” on RT America on Thursday at 9 pm EST.