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Obama goes after the real villains in the shutdown fight: WWII vets

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Oh, there you are. Sitting there in your wheelchair, all smug. “Ooooh, lookit me, I served my country, like, 100 years ago or whatever!”

Big deal. Obama wasn’t even born whenever that crap happened. History had not yet begun. Do you really think the rules that apply only to the people he decides they apply to don’t apply to you?

Charles C. Johnson reports:

The White House and the Department of the Interior rejected a request from Rep. Steven Palazzo’s office to have World War II veterans visit the World War II memorial in Washington, the Mississippi Republican told The Daily Caller Tuesday.

Palazzo helped the veterans commit an act of civil disobedience against the Park Service Tuesday, when the heroes stormed through barricades around the closed memorial…

“We got the heads up that they will be barricaded and specifically asked for an exception for these heroes,” Palazzo told TheDC. “We were denied and told, ‘It’s a government shutdown, what do you expect?’ when we contacted the liaison for the White House.”

Mississippi, huh? Republican, eh? Okay then, we all know what that’s about.

And these nappied few, this band of bothers, had better cool it, or they could end up in the stockade. WNWO in Toledo reports:

And there’s not a damn thing any of you can do about it. Whaddaya think about that?


Good to see our essential government employees at work. Well, these old nuisances should’ve thought about all this before they voted Republican (presumably).

Way to hang tough, Mr. President. Don’t let these racists push you around as they’re being pushed around in their wheelchairs, trying to visit the memorial to their sacrifice for their country.

The old ways are dead. The past is dust. Utopia has dawned.

All hail King Barry the First!

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