Washington Post Co. tells employee shareholders to sell

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The Washington Post is currently experiencing internal tension related to the Jeff Bezos purchase, fulfilling a Daily Caller prophecy.

The Washington Post Co. informed 63 Post newsroom employees that they will have to sell their Post Co. stock-option bonuses now that the Post Co. no longer owns the paper, as reported by Jim Romenesko.

“There’s a sense of haves and have nots, winners and losers” in the Post newsroom after an erroneous email CC’ed everybody and revealed the haves vs. have-nots scenario.

But in this one, the losers are the insufferable employees who were racking up bonuses.

Ezra Klein, you said? Yeah, he’s on the little bonus-recipient honor roll. Right next to “Cillizza, Chris.” It is unclear if Bezos will get rid of some of this dead weight in the next couple months, as the Daily Caller suggested.

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper for a cool $250 million, which was criticized as an awful decision by outgoing New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The moribund Washington Post Co., meanwhile, is investing heavily in the deathbed-care business with an East Coast venture called Celtic Healthcare.

Next, somebody should look at the number of past and present Post Co. stockholders whose children work for the newspaper. Would be an interesting human interest piece is all we’re saying.

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