Alveda King: Prophet friend predicted government shutdown, pointed towards another financial crisis

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Activist Alveda King, scion of the King civil rights dynasty, said that her prophet friend predicted the government shutdown in a conspiracy theory-laden statement about Wall Street sent to supporters Wednesday night.

King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., daughter of Rev. A.D. King and founder of King for America Inc., has some interesting ideas about Wall Street in light of her prophet friend’s writings.

“Finally, take a look at what my friend wrote in his journal,” King said. “At the beginning of 2012, my friend the prophet also wrote: “Around October 2013, there is a possibility for a crash or “system failure” – [Soon coming extreme weather disasters can be very deadly – pray and change it].'”

King’s prophet friend went on, in an entry on 9/28/13, according to King.

“We will yet be experiencing financial transition during the month of October (2013). Everything that will be happening will not be seen by the public. However, at this point the impact of what has been planned may not be as powerful as some would have liked. We do have the power to stand in the gap and Creator God is gracious,” the prophet wrote, according to King.

“There are those in high offices and behind the scenes that had planned this ‘system failure’ to take a huge toll on the American people. They had planned for events to cause lots of unnecessary pain and suffering to further rip this nation apart. But during my intercession time, I felt the prayers, meditations of the righteous rise up causing subtle changes in the consciousness of many, thus, disarming the plans of the wicked. The transition that’s happening behind the scenes will be much smoother now,” King recounted.

King then linked to three “really interesting” articles, showing Wall Street closing higher during the government shutdown and the world markets and Asian markets gaining.

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