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Petulantly preventing WWII vets from visiting their own memorial is a “manufactured outrage,” sayeth MSNBC’s Chuck Todd

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Apparently, Chuck Todd and his MSNBC colleagues don’t know any World War II vets. It’s quite possible they don’t even know what World War II was. (Note: It was not the prequel to the latest Brad Pitt flick.)

That’s really the only explanation for this baffling statement:

“Shutdown Day 3: No end in sight. Primetime White House meeting with Hill leaders yields nothing but head-shaking and some recycled talking points. Meantime, much of the public conversation is centered around WWII veterans and cancer patients. This is what happens when nothing is actually happening behind the scenes: the manufactured outrage.”

Um, Chuck? The outrageous treatment of these WWII vets is what’s happening behind the scenes. It’s the Obama administration, behind the scenes, ordering public monuments and parks to be shut down — even ones that receive no federal funding — because he isn’t getting his way. This incredibly stupid tactic is a complete disaster. Shutdown Theatre isn’t working, which is why you, Chuck Todd, are trying to dismiss the entirely deserved backlash as “manufactured outrage.”

But then, you know that, Chuck. You’re just doing your job. I’m merely explaining your tired old tactics to anybody who might still not understand what you’re trying to do.

Not that anybody’s watching you anyway. Maybe stuff like this is why? Maybe you’d start getting better ratings if you switched things up and stopped running interference for Obama?

Not all at once, of course. The shock of it could be deadly. Just a few minutes each day, gradually increasing your endurance, until you start to approach something vaguely resembling the truth.

Worth a shot, dude.

Anyway. I’ll tell ya, man, those meddling vets are ruining everything:

Good point! Also: Teabaggers are mean.



Now fix me a sandwich, Sam. Or do you want to deny me nutritional assistance?

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