Ron Swanson’s 12 wisest quotes about the government [PHOTOS]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Ron Swanson, the (fictional) libertarian, Pawnee, Ind. Parks Department employee, will never win employee of the year.

It’s not that he’s lazy, it’s just that he doesn’t care, because Ron believes that government is practically useless.

If Ron Swanson were a real live person, he would first person to toast a big glass of scotch to the government shutdown, because he doesn’t think the government should exist anyway.

Here are his 12 most profound quotes about the government.

On the difference between America and China:

ron swanson china

On how the government can learn from Chuck E. Cheese:

ron swanson chuck e cheese

Ron has good ideas on what to do with the government:

Ron has good ideas for what to do with the government:

A beautiful metaphor on how the government is like pig nipples:

Ron swanson nipples

On how the government should be run:

On his idea of the perfect government:

On obesity:

ron swanson obesity

On government functions:

Ron swanson parties

Ron on the perfect government employee:

ron swanson tom

On budgets:

ron swanson waste

This sums up his philosophy on the government perfectly:

ron swanson work


(via Independent Journal Review and UPROXX)

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