Shutdown leads women to sugar daddy dating website

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The federal government shutdown is leading to unprecedented business success for the Sugar Daddy dating industry.

More than 13,947 women have joined the sugar-daddy dating website SeekingArrangement.com, which pairs women with older more affluent men, since the eve of the government shutdown on September 29.

A press release from SeekingArrangement.com did not specify how this number compares with its usual rate, saying only, “The week of September 29th marked the highest growth in daily sign ups in over six months, with over 13,947 women joining to find a Sugar Daddy.”

Leaders in the sugar-daddy dating industry see a correlation between the fear of the shutdown and the mad female dash for security.

“Obama once said, ‘Successful Americans do want to give something back, and no one finds success on their own. You didn’t build that, someone gave you help along they way.’- Someone like sugar daddy,” SeekingArrangement.com founder and CEO Brandon Wade said in the release.

“Everytime the government makes a decision that affects the financial well-being of millions of people, our site continues to thrive,” Wade said.

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