Totally sane guy jumps on back of shark to save its life [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A fisherman in Florida saved the life of a 300 lb. shark after catching the monstrous predator on his line. Orion Wholean fought with the shark for 20 minutes, before releasing it back into the water, reports the Tampa Bay Fox affiliate.

“When I put it in the water, it was pretty exhausted,” Wholean said. “I saw it started to sink a little bit.”

So, naturally, Wholean jumped into the water with the shark and began pushing it through the water to force oxygenated water through its gills.

“I know a lot about sharks and how they act and how the respond. That fish didn’t want to hurt me. It just wanted to swim away safely,” he said.

The shark was able to gather enough strength to swim away after Wholean’s aid. Bull sharks are considered among the most dangerous of their kind, since they can thrive in both salt and fresh water and prefer to swim in the shallows.


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