Coulter: GOP in better position with current government shutdown than 1995 [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Ann Coulter thinks the Republican Party is in a much better position with the current federal government shutdown than in 1995, when it was shut down for a cumulative total of 28 days.

In an appearance on Fox New Channel’s “Hannity” Thursday night, Coulter — author of the forthcoming book “Never Trust a Liberal over 3 — Especially a Republican” — blasted the Obama administration for using the shutdown to maximize a political advantage.

“[T]hey are trying to shut down privately-run areas,” Coulter said. “All of these privately run park areas that have not only never been shut down before, but take no federal money — they pay money. They pay rent to the Treasury and they’re not losing money. They’re not furloughed government workers. We’re going to be paid. This is absolutely 100 percent political. It’s like when Obama said, no White House tours for the sequester and then instantly uses Air Force One to fly his dog up to Martha’s Vineyard. Normally I don’t comment on things like that. There is enough other things to complain about … he’s doing this to punish people so that he can blame Republicans when it’s 100 percent the Democrats.”

She said that under normal circumstances, she would oppose the tactics the Republican Party has used in its efforts against Obamacare. This time, however, she said there were three key differences and that the GOP is in a much better position than during the 1995 shutdown.

“You live under the laws you pass for other people,” Coulter said. “They will not do it. This is what the entire fight has come down to right now. And incidentally, when you first ask me whether you thought they should shut down the government over this, usually I’m against the government shutdown. I told you three reasons why I was for it this time.”

“Number one — this abomination of Obamacare which is already a disaster,” she continued. “We should talk about that. Number two — it’s Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and not Newt Gingrich running at this time. And number three and the most important — we have part of the media now. There was no Fox News in 1995. Nobody was on the Internet. Talk radio wasn’t as big as it is now. And if you look at the polls even with 100 percent of the non-Fox media pushing the idea that it’s Republicans, Republicans, Republicans — in 1995 the gap between the public blaming Republicans versus Democrats was 23 points. This is according to the CBS poll. It’s only nine points. We’re talking more about Obamacare and it will go down even more.”

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