See the comedy act that got a DC reporter punched in the face [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Last week, police arrested comedian Dan Nainan for punching The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin in the face.

Nainan was the lone professional comedian to perform at the Funniest Celebrity in D.C. contest. During his performance, Rogin tweeted his dissatisfaction with Nainan’s stale act.


Soon after he finished his act, Nainan found Rogin and punched him in the face, according to Rogin and at least one eyewitness. Despite eyewitness testimony, Nainan claims he didn’t punch Rogin. Even more absurdly, Nainan says he didn’t confront Rogin because he tweeted mean things about his act, but rather because he wanted to defend the honor of the amateur comedians who had performed from Rogin’s snark.

See here for the first time the act that ultimately led to Rogin getting hit.

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