This week’s scariest, most awful school bus drivers

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An unnamed school bus driver in Orlando allegedly kicked a kindergarten girl off a school bus after the girl vomited, reports local CBS affiliate WKMG.

The incident occurred just after five-year-old Lena Guzzo-Aguilar, boarded a bus bound for Cheney Elementary School one day this week. About halfway down the aisle, she threw up. Meanwhile, the bus had already rumbled away from the kindergartener’s stop.

According to the little girl and her mother, the bus driver stopped the bus and ordered her to get off the bus. Guzzo-Aguilar was then left standing on the side of the road.

Some stranger walked her to her home.

The five-year-old girl’s mother, Erika Herrera, was not pleased.

“That was child endangerment, child neglect,” Herrera told the station.

“It makes me kind of angry, depressed to think I trusted somebody, the school’s public bus, and the person that was driving apparently didn’t care about my kid.”

Herrera also observed that every stranger isn’t as nice as the one who walked her daughter back home.

“What would have happened if that lady wasn’t a nice lady and just took her?” she asked.

The bus driver’s version of the story is that Guzzo-Aguilar wasn’t kicked off the bus at all but scurried off the bus on her own accord.

There’s an investigation underway. School district officials hope the tale of the bus videotape will show exactly what transpired.

The bus driver — a new hire — has been demoted to the position of bus monitor on another bus pending the outcome of the investigation.

Herrera said she will now personally drive the girl and her older sister to school.

Meanwhile, a high school student in Portland clandestinely took video last week that appears to show the driver of his school bus falling asleep behind the wheel while the bus is moving.

Nicholas Sayre, a junior at Lincoln High School, told The Oregonian that he had observed the unidentified driver dozing off previously. Once, Sayre claimed, the sleepy driver was so tired that he went the wrong way down a one-way street.

“The guy keeps falling asleep. It’s just not safe,” Sayre told The Oregonian. “Everybody screws up, but don’t do it with 20 kids on your bus.”

After viewing the cell phone video, the boy’s father, Marc Sayre, sent the footage to the principal at Lincoln High. The principal then sent it to school district officials.

On Tuesday morning, the Oregon school bus driver was relieved of his bus-driving duties, according to busing company spokeswoman Christine Miles. However, it’s unclear if the driver was actually sacked or was merely reassigned.

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