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Five for Fighting lead singer John Ondrasik literally shoved out of Jefferson Memorial by security guard

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Here we are in Week 2 of the #ObamaShutdown. The great thing about Twitter is that now we can track the creeping* tyranny of the Obama administration in real time.

Courtesy of the invaluable Twitchy, here’s Five for Fighting lead singer John Ondrasik chronicling his Saturday afternoon jog in DC:








“It’s quicker this way.” I get the feeling we’re going to be hearing that a lot from now on. Such as, say, when someone you love needs life-saving medical treatment.

Hat tip to Duane Patterson at Hot Air, who notes:

MSM might continue to cover up the horrible optics of the childish and despotic lengths President Obama’s administration will go to make sure the effects of the shutdown are felt as painfully as possible to make a political point. But all of you who read this have a voice. You can help by multiplying John’s message by showing what’s really going on. Retweet it, if you’re on Twitter, post it, if you’re on Facebook, or if nothing else, tell others what this government is doing. The fight in Washington is more than just Obamacare. It always has been. It’s about what happens when a government gets too big and decides it doesn’t serve the people anymore.


Exactly. This is about all the ways, big and small, President Barack Obama continues to demonstrate his utter contempt for his constituents. He doesn’t like you. He might tolerate you, if you do and say the things he wants, but that’s the extent of it. He doesn’t like you, he doesn’t care about you, and if you still can’t see that after five years of this crap, you’re a rube.

Now complain about being called out, rube.

Update: In summary…

*Or not-so-creeping, depending on how closely you’ve been paying attention.