The Stupid Party and The Evil Party

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Was a time — not that long ago — when the Republican Party wasn’t just the “daddy” party; it was the adult party. When it came to handling serious matters — foreign policy, crime, economics, etc. — the GOP held a clear advantage.

Even Bill Clinton, a Democrat who won two presidential elections during this time (with Ross Perot as an asterisk), owed much of his political success to being the exception that proved the rule.

Those days are gone. Squandered away, somehow.

Today, even a conservative individual — a pro-Life dad who thinks overregulation is bad — still might have a hard time trusting Republican leaders to fulfill their primary responsibility, which is to govern.

As important as political philosophy may be, the temperamentally conservative mom still wants competent and serious leaders. The whole defund ObamaCare effort, which helped bring about the government shutdown, is merely the latest example of a bumbling political party that can’t get strategy, much less policy, right.

Of course, irresponsible behavior isn’t exclusive to one political party. For proof, look no further than the Obama Administration’s transparent efforts to make a government shutdown as painful as possible.

What else explains the fact that, given the opportunity to help kids with cancer or to allow World War II veterans their last chance to visit the monument in their honor, they chose politics over people?

You’ve, no doubt, heard the old line about “The Stupid Party” and “The Evil Party.” I can’t imagine a time when this has ever been more obviously true.