Elaborate telekinesis prank shocks West Village customers [VIDEO]

Jake Harris Contributor
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A customer spilled a cup of coffee on a young woman’s computer at a West Village coffee shop, and the results, shown in the YouTube video below, are frightening.

In the video, released yesterday, the young woman appears to be using telekinetic powers to get back at the man who spilled his coffee on her computer. She throws him up against a wall and causes books to fall out of the shelves lining the walls and moves tables throughout the restaurant — all seemingly with just the power of her mind.

At least, that’s what it looks like — until the very last seconds of the video, which reveal that the elaborate prank is nothing more than an advertisement for Sony Pictures’ upcoming adaptation of “Carrie,” about a teenage girl who possesses telekinetic powers. The film is set to be released on Oct. 18.

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