The best movie trailer you never knew you needed to see [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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The summer TV flick Sharknado was hailed as a the holy grail of terrible SyFy original movies.

There also was the pipe dream that it would resurrect Tara Reid’s film career. (No word on how it would fix her botched boob job.)

But a new film threatens to dethrone Sharknado as the best Worst Shark Movie: Avalanche Sharks. The premise of this very believable flick is that in one ski resort, there are sharks that live in the snow. After an avalanche, they begin devouring spring breakers.

The official description, according to Screen Crush, reads, “Spring break in the mountains: snowboarding, beer, drunken co-eds in bikinis. As the yearly Bikini Ski Day party descends on a small mountain town, something lurks beneath the snow. When an unwitting rider causes an avalanche, it awakens a huge, menacing, prehistoric Snow Shark! With a newfound taste for human flesh, the Snow Shark picks off the snow bunnies mercilessly. Cut off from help by mountainous terrain and blinding snow, the local sheriff must make an unlikely alliance with a motley crew of snowboarders to take down the Snow Shark before the white hills run red with blood!”

Behold the cinematic masterpiece’s trailer for yourself:

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