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The Obamacare website is “simple” and “user-friendly,” says Kathleen Sebelius

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Who are you going to believe, the Secretary of Health and Human Services or your lyin’ web browser? Why would she say something that wasn’t true about something this important?

Here’s Sebelius in USA Today, explaining why you’re just not smart enough to understand that this is no big deal:

When the Health Insurance Marketplace opened last week, demand was so high, it exceeded even optimists’ expectations. On the first day alone, HealthCare.gov had nearly eight times more concurrent users than Medicare’s site (one of the federal government’s most highly trafficked) during open enrollment peak levels…

Of course, nobody wants Americans to have to wait to sign up. Engineers are working day and night to make upgrades. We’re adding more servers to enable the system to handle larger loads. And we’re upgrading our software as well to make the system more efficient and enable it to handle higher volumes…

Virtually anyone who has tried to purchase insurance in the individual market will attest that it was complicated and time consuming. People were denied and priced out, and they had few if any real choices.

This is why the Marketplace matters. It is simple and user-friendly, and the coverage is affordable.

Whew! We were bummed out for a minute there, Kathleen, until we remembered that 2 + 2 = 5.

Just a week ago, Jon Stewart was shrieking that we should all shut up about Obamacare because it’s the law. And yet last night, Sebelius looked him in the eye and lied about it, and he called her out.

Yes, Jon, very good. She lied to you. She’s been lying to you this whole time. They all have. About all of it. You’ve been had.

How does that feel?

Update: Feels like cognitive dissonance, apparently.