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John McCain: Sorry about that whole “wacko birds” deal, guys

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Let the healing begin.

Tim Mak, Washington Examiner:

Sen. John McCain said Thursday that he’s worried about the Republican Party’s future and the infighting that is dividing it, calling efforts by conservatives to unseat incumbent Republican lawmakers “wrong.”

The famously wry McCain, R-Ariz., said he regretted calling the Tea Party wing of the Republican Senate conference “wacko birds” during budget negotiations, saying he’s learned to “never get personal” in political disputes…

“I do worry about the Republican Party,” he said at the Hero Summit hosted by The Daily Beast. “It’s the first time I have ever seen Republican senators running ads, raising money that is being used to attack incumbent Republican senators.”

Noting that Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas recently drew a challenger from the Right, McCain asked, “Where has Pat Roberts offended anybody?”

Since when was a seat in Congress a lifetime appointment? Since when is inoffensiveness a reason to vote for somebody? Since when is John McCain in charge of who should and shouldn’t run for public office?

But don’t worry about the “wacko birds” thing, senator. When you said that, we all just considered the source. And then we shook our heads that we were ever forced by circumstances to vote for him.

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Jim Treacher