Mark Levin locks horns with Sen. Ron Johnson over Cruz’s defund Obamacare strategy [VIDEO]

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On Mark Levin’s radio show on Wednesday night, Levin asked Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson several times during his nearly 30-minute appearance if he had his own strategy to defund Obamacare than the one promoted by Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

Johnson insisted he was working behind the scenes to unify Republicans to come up with a common strategy — but Levin finally told Johnson he wished the senator had laid the groundwork during Cruz’s 21-hour “filibuster” back on Sept. 24.

“Let me tell you something, senator, because I have to go,” Levin said. “Senator, let me tell you something — if 46 of you people, you Republican senators had stood up shoulder-to-shoulder during the filibuster and made it quite damn clear to Harry Reid and the whole world that you were shoulder-to-shoulder, Republican-to-Republican, then the outcome might have been slightly different.”

At the end of the appearance, the two swapped words about the so-called Johnson strategy, which has yet to be determined in its entirety.

“I guess we’ll have to follow the Ron Johnson strategy,” Levin said. “When you figure it out, send it to me, will you?”

“When you figure it out, send it to me,” Johnson shot back.

Listen (Part II):


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