Michelle Obama-inspired physical activity stamp series raise safety concerns

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The U.S. Postal Service tabled its first lady Michelle Obama-inspired physical activity stamp series due to safety concerns, a Postal Service spokesman confirmed to The Daily Caller Thursday.

“The stamps are on hold with the printer and we have not made a decision at this point, right now, with respect to how we are going to move forward,” the USPS spokesman told TheDC. Some of the illustrations on some of the stamps in the series, the spokesman explained, feature activities that some might not consider safe — like doing a cannonball into a swimming pool.

The “Just Move” stamp series was initially conceived to “support” and “promote” the first lady’s anti-childhood obesity Let’s Move campaign, the spokesman said.

According to a report from Linn’s Stamp News, however, two White House entities — the President’s Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition and the Let’s Move campaign — raised concerns about three of the 15 the stamps in the series, due to the potentially unsafe depictions on them.

A Postal Service source told Linn’s that USPS was confronted with the objections when it sought out first lady Michelle Obama’s participation in the roll-out ceremony for the series, which was supposed to take place in May.

Officials raised objections to a stamp depicting a man doing a cannonball into a pool, a stamp showing a child doing a handstand without a helmet and a stamp with skateboarder no wearing kneepads.

While Linn’s source said that the series has been slated for destruction, the USPS spokesman told TheDC that USPS will likely make a final decision on the stamps sometime early next year.

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