Could you make it through this flight without punching this woman? [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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One Wednesday plane ride to Tampa was particularly hellish for the passengers — a video shot by a passenger showed a woman going through a complete meltdown.

“She’s been freaking out for the last 20 minutes,” the narrator of the video explained in between the woman’s shrieks. “She started off by telling everyone to pray for her mother who just passed away.”

The woman just keeps yelling, “God, you’re my savior” while her seatmate tries to calm her down. A flight attendant had asked him to block the back door if she tried to get out of her seat, the passenger said.

This brings up an excellent question: Who are the worst kinds of plane passengers? There’s something about air travel that brings out the basest of human existence. This woman definitely tops the list, but random weirdos aside, the ranking has to be:

  1. Babies
  2. Sniffling person with a cold
  3. Groups of teenagers on a school trip
  4. Drunken guidos
  5. Couples in matching outfits
  6. Obese people (especially if they’re sitting next to you)
  7. Anyone headed to Vegas with their friends

So, safe travels next time your boarding group is called.

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