Where in the world is Edward Snowden?

Faith Braverman Contributor
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Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden resurfaced for the first time since being released from the Moscow airport to accept the Sam Adams Associates Integrity in Intelligence Award, the Daily Mail reports.

His father Lon Snowden flew to Russia to attend the ceremony, which was held in a secret location.

Snowden, looking characteristically bemused, is photographed next to UK WikiLeaks journalist Sarah Harrison and four former U.S. government officials.

The Sam Adams Associates Integrity in Intelligence Award has been given annually since 2002 to intelligence professionals who have taken a stand for integrity and ethics for people operating within the intelligence community.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and former British Intelligence translator Katharine Gun have both received the award for their roles in exposing state secrets.

Presenting the award were four former U.S. government officials that have condemned as well as revealed cases of power abuse. FBI whistle-blower Jesselyn Radack, NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake, former CIA analyst Raymond McGovern, and FBI whistle-blower Coleen Rowley have been the first Americans to meet with Snowden since he gained asylum.

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